Shepherd's Notes

  • Prepping for Louisville

    Prepping for Louisville

    It was our pleasure to welcome livestock judging teams from IL Central College, University of IL, Purdue, Lincoln Land, as well as the IL State 4-H team, for a workout in preparation for the judging contests over the next two weeks at the NAILE in Louisville.  They worked two classes of Downs and then worked down 75 Gondola sandwiches!!  What a great group of young people.  We wish them the best of luck in their endeavors. . . .we'll be watching for results!

  • ICC Animal Science Lab

    Yesterday we welcomed Grant Grebner's Animal Science class from ICC for their annual sheep lab visit.  It was a great turnout with approximately 30 students attending.  Students learned about our operation, toured our facility, and tried their hands at deworming some lambs and pulling some blood samples.  They also watched some sonogramming. . . .a ewe for a pregnancy check and a ewe lamb for loin eye.  Of course the high-light was visiting with Colonel Hoot, our new Pyrenees puppy.  Several students offered to take him home with them.  We, of course, politely denied the offers.  :)

  • Butler Community College Visit

    We welcomed the Butler Community College Sophomore Livestock Judging Team of Kansas last night at the farm for a work out.  What a great bunch of kids!  They represented KS, IA, MN, GA, TX, MD and I've probably forgotten a couple other states.  What diversity!  They practiced on classes of yearling ewes and ewe lambs.

    I enjoy this time of year when the judging teams begin to make their rounds through the area preparing for KC and Louisville.  They represent the best of the future of the livestock industry.  It is really an honor to be a small part in their training and livestock experiences. 

    Best of Luck to Coach Marcus Arnold and the team!